Sexy Sunday: Ekaterina Polygalova

Ekaterina Polygalova (neko-tin) is one of my favorite cosplayers, I especially love her Samus with custom “helmet” which you’ll see later. In 2012 Nek took a break from cosplaying to be an organizer of Panicon! a big Russian multicultural convention which she is still a part of as Kaliningrad cosplay team P!. Ekaterina soon returned but unlike…


Sexy Sunday: Natasha Firsakova

Natasha Firsakova makes up one half of the talented Aoki,Narga and Co. Cosplay by Lifestream team. I feel like I’ve shared lots of Natasha Firsakova’s (Narga-Lifestream) work in previous post but since I started following her around the same time that I launched the site things are a bit jumbled. So to counter my terrible…


The Fault In Our Stars

“One Sick Love Story” The Fault In Our Stars is one of my favorite books and I’ve been keeping up on all the TFIOS news ever since the movie was announced. Though the movie is months away this trailer brings back all the feels and memories from the book. Like other Nerd Fighters I’ve been…


Sexy Sunday: GinaBCosplay

Gina Bina (GinaBCosplay) is one of the first cosplayer’s I started following and posting about way before I started doing this whole Sexy Sunday biz. And like the cosplayer’s that have been featured in this segment Gina B. has one character that she portrays better than the rest, Velma Dinkley. Since it’s still the Holiday…



I said I wanted to bring this segment back and so I have, It even has its own tab. Now moving on to our artist … I started following Aneta Chalimoniuk (AnetaChalimoniuk) back when I first started watching Attack on Titan for her awesome fan-art and even though they’re pretty sweet my favorite pieces is…


Cosplay RoundUp #29

This weeks featured cosplay by TheIdeaFix and Haji-san was a bit of a overwhelming not because I haven’t seen Attack on Titan cosplay before but because it was way more than what I expected. Titans GO! And now the cosplay from today’s DungeonTalk Facebook wall.


Sexy Sunday: Alix

Hopefully you all enjoyed your holiday and sorry for not posting during the break and if you are not in the U.S. I hope you still had a good week. Moving on this week I’ll be showing off the work of Alix Alberti (Alberti) who is a member of the Imperia cosplay team which is…


Sexy Sunday: Kristine

This week I wanted to show off something Doctor Who Week which should be extended since some people won’t see the Day of The Doctor until tomorrow (IN 3D!) but like I was saying something Doctor Who related and some of my favorite Doctor Who Cosplay comes from Kristine (Cosplayequinox). When I first saw this…


Super Cafe: Who’s a Hero

With the approach of the 50 anniversary of Doctor Who: The Day of The Doctor many have been creating their own content to celebrate the event. And this is my favorite. Amy! Also check out HISHE’s Doctor Who: How Doomsday Should Have Ended another of their Doctor endings and HISHEdotcom for all the rest of…

Verisa cosplay - ver1sa(FB)

Cosplay RoundUp #28

I was still a bit uncertain about which cosplay to feature in this RoundUp until I saw this fantastic Elizabeth cosplay by Vera Green (ver1sa/Verisa cosplay). I love Elizabeth’s new look The pictures below are those posted to the DungeonTalk Facebook wall. Extra bits


Episode 33 – We talk Ben Affleck

In this episode we talk Ben Affleck and all other things Batman related. Related links Ben Affleck Tells Parenting Stories, Talks Batman Ben Affleck /Matt Damon Meme Roger Smith is the Dark Knight Batman Vs. Hulk (Provided by Jerry) Flash vs Professor Zoom Thomas Wayne doesn’t give a f*ck


Sexy Sunday: Dan

Like most of the Sexy Sunday models Dan (Dan-Gyokuei) has been featured in a few in the Cosplay RoundUps, mainly for his Black Butler and Psycho Pass portrayals. I’ve tried to included a variety of my favorite since Dan has a wide assortment of cosplays. Yes, my Lord. Make sure you check out his deviantART:…