Weekly Favs – Zombies Run

The lack of internet held me back but like a reanimated corpse I’m back from the dead with my favorite thing from last week. Zombies Run is a slightly interactive running app by Six to Start. I say slightly because your main interaction with the app comes from running and increasing you pace. So I’ve…


Anime Thursday: Parasyte -the maxim-

For this month I want everything to be focused around Halloween, Horror and Sci-Fi. So for the next 31 days expect something spooky scary and out of this world. And I’ll start this month off with this weeks Anime Thursday: Parasyte -the maxim-. Now let’s start by introducing our main character, Shinichi Izumi. Shinichi is quite the…


Sexy Sunday: Ronda Rousey

You read the title right the champ is here and I don’t mean John Cena. If you don’t know Ronda, where have you been? Ronda Rousey is “#AndStill the women’s UFC bantamweight champion of the world, @RondaRousey!” and as the evidence shows a cosplayer and nerd at heart. No weapons? That’s cool she brought her fist! Unfortunately the cosplays…


Otakon 2015!

So instead of posting a Sexy Sunday I thought I’d show off all the cosplay action that went down at this years Otakon. If you don’t know Otakon is an annual three day anime convention held during July/August at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland’s Inner Harbor district. This years convention just wrapped up today, so lets…


Sexy Sunday: Shelle

So I’ve been going on for the past few weeks about make up and body paint cosplay so this week I shall be showing off the cosplay stylings of Shelle (shelle-chii). Shelle is a cosplayer/model from my neighbor to the north Canada who has tons of realistic body paint cosplay like this Annie from Attack on…


Sexy Sunday: Sophia Taylor

A few weeks ago while on the JDF (JASON DAVID FRANK – Official Fan Page) page I came across a dazzling Green Ranger cosplay by Sophia (Sapphire Cosplay). Who is a Psychologist, dancer, actor and a tremendous cosplayer. *Go Go Green Ranger!*  While I think Sophia’s Green Ranger is top the other Ranger she portrays which I mixed in…


Sexy Sunday: Feldon

So I went out looking for some cool Yoko cosplay which I did find and in doing so fell into the well of awesomeness that is Feldon (FeldonCosplay). There’s probably a gun somewhere in that bed so be warned. And let’s roll right on with some more Feldon as she cosplays a bunch of my favorite characters. For…


Artist Tuesday: Ceasar Ian Muyuela

I believe I first came across Ceasar’s (wizyakuza) art work while exploring JDF (JASON DAVID FRANK – Official Fan Page) page and since then I’ve done a deep dive into his work. His piece Green Ranger is still my favorite which brings forth the true Super Sentai Green Ranger. The original badass Power Ranger. There were way to many…


Sexy Sunday: Bevan Maria

So I’ve been reading the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and its pretty great so I thought I’d show off a cosplayer who is just as great, Bevan Maria. Her portrayal of Squirrel Girl is my favorite and I’m definitely feeling her plush Tippy-Toe. “Squirrel Girl, Squirrel Girl! She’s a human and also squirrel.” And now for some more super powered…


Sexy Saturday: Olga Bazanova

Picking a cosplayer for this week was easy but choosing one of her cosplays for the cover was really hard cause they’re all so good. This week I’ll be showing off the cosplay of Olga Bazanova (revien-fiennes), a gifted cosplayer who must have been looking at my favorite anime character list cause I like them…


Artist Tuesday: Julio Cesar

I originally came across Julio Cesar (MZ09) because of his awesome Asuka Langley art but there’s something about =) that I really like, it kinda has a sophisticated Kool-Aid Man feel. OH YEAAHH! Below I’ve mixed in some of his fan art with some of his original pieces.


Sexy Sunday: Lena Litvinova

So I’ve been listening to the Super Best Friendcast which got me thinking about anime waifus. So today I decided to show off Lena Litvinova (Ryoko-demon), a great cosplayer who does more than just share a deviantART name with my original anime waifu but portrayals her excellently as well. Even at a young age I…


Meme Monday: Innuendos

Last time for Meme Monday we looked at some pretty epic nosebleeds which got quite bloody. So today I thought I’d post some Innuendos, you know all those awkward moments in anime that make you go “Dafuq”. Now please enjoy the uncomfortable feeling these anime will give you.