Artist Tuesday: Ceasar Ian Muyuela

I believe I first came across Ceasar’s (wizyakuza) art work while exploring JDF (JASON DAVID FRANK – Official Fan Page) page and since then I’ve done a deep dive into his work. His piece Green Ranger is still my favorite which brings forth the true Super Sentai Green Ranger. The original badass Power Ranger. There were way to many…


Sexy Sunday: Bevan Maria

So I’ve been reading the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and its pretty great so I thought I’d show off a cosplayer who is just as great, Bevan Maria. Her portrayal of Squirrel Girl is my favorite and I’m definitely feeling her plush Tippy-Toe. “Squirrel Girl, Squirrel Girl! She’s a human and also squirrel.” And now for some more super powered…


Sexy Saturday: Olga Bazanova

Picking a cosplayer for this week was easy but choosing one of her cosplays for the cover was really hard cause they’re all so good. This week I’ll be showing off the cosplay of Olga Bazanova (revien-fiennes), a gifted cosplayer who must have been looking at my favorite anime character list cause I like them…


Artist Tuesday: Julio Cesar

I originally came across Julio Cesar (MZ09) because of his awesome Asuka Langley art but there’s something about =) that I really like, it kinda has a sophisticated Kool-Aid Man feel. OH YEAAHH! Below I’ve mixed in some of his fan art with some of his original pieces.


Sexy Sunday: Lena Litvinova

So I’ve been listening to the Super Best Friendcast which got me thinking about anime waifus. So today I decided to show off Lena Litvinova (Ryoko-demon), a great cosplayer who does more than just share a deviantART name with my original anime waifu but portrayals her excellently as well. Even at a young age I…


Meme Monday: Innuendos

Last time for Meme Monday we looked at some pretty epic nosebleeds which got quite bloody. So today I thought I’d post some Innuendos, you know all those awkward moments in anime that make you go “Dafuq”. Now please enjoy the uncomfortable feeling these anime will give you.


Sexy Sunday: Bellatrix Aiden

Bellatrix Aiden (bellatrixaiden) is a cosplayer that has been sitting in the Sunday folder for a long time and today I shall be showing off this amazing cosplayer. I originally came across Bellatrix because of her Sorceress Edea which might I say is top teir but today I choose to feature one of my all…


Artist Wednesday: Rafeal

In the search for cool art I stumbled across Rafeal (Lost-Tyrant) a very talented artist who does some epic stuff with anime and video game heroes. Every hero has their bad day. Below is just a small gallery of Heroes, well all but the last one … I just really love Scanty and Kneesocks.

nisemonogatari_araragi_karen_toothbrush_cosplay_by_dat_baka-d6kz2t6 - Copy

Sexy Tuesday: Dat

From time to time I feel that I don’t highlight enough great male cosplayers doing awesome stuff, so today I give you Dat (Dat-Baka). I’ve come across Dat before but I’ve never dove into his work until today. That Toothbrush! Now enjoy some epic cosplay!


Weekly Favs – Hoodie, Oat’s and Psy

Number 3: We start this Weekly Fav’s with the musical stylings of Psy and Snoop Dogg … Lion … Snoop. Anywho, I know most people have probably already seen it but its hard trying to keep up with the internet after such a long break but don’t worry I’m “getting good”. … Hangover, Hangover, Hangover…

Yuko Ichihara - Kotori Cosplay(FB) (3)

Cosplay RoundUp #31 (Witch Edition)

So I thought today I would show off my favorite Witch cosplay, which turned out to be harder then I thought as though research I had to draw the line between witches and magic girls. And so we move on to the featured cosplayer of the week Kotori Cosplay. Words, once it has left your…


Meme Monday: Nosebleeds

A few months ago I did a post called Do You Even Pose? where I collected different anime characters and things posing like JoJo. This week I found a lot of nosebleed memes for Monday, way more then I had time to post so I thought I’d post them in a similar fashion, Enjoy!


Sexy Sunday: Sylar & Sheila (Aicosu)

I’ve been off the grid for some time and over that time I’ve been playing Dishonored which lead me to this couple of extremely talented cosplayers, Sylar and Sheila (Aicosu). This is usually the part where I tell you about how I’ve been following said cosplayers for quite a long time but this is not…